Eval 和 Bind 方法的区别

(转自 http://www.cnblogs.com/JustDI/archive/2007/07/25/830217.html)

When binding an editable value to a control, you must use the Bind() method in your
data binding expression instead of the ordinary Eval() method. Only the Bind() method creates the two way link, ensuring that updated values will be sent back to the server.

Bind方法( 双向数据绑定)即能把数据绑定到控件,又能把数据变更提交到数据库。
Eval方法( 单向数据绑定)它实现了数据读取的自动化,但是没有实现数据写入自动化。
asp:TestBox Runat="server" ID ="TheNote" Text='%# Bind("note") %'


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